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Davies Chocolates - The best which someone deserves eternally


Davies Chocolates business was started by Sidney Davies in 1932. Sidney ‘s passion was making chocolates from his own hands in the kitchen in Paddington.  As time went by, he mastered his craft and had built a loyal customer following. Due to his diligence, some of Australia’s most mouth-watering fondants, hard centers, jellies and gingers coated with the finest chocolate were formulated. Sidney has deceased, but his however the passion that he created the recipes for fine handmade chocolates on which the brand of Davies chocolates was developed stands strong even today. Davies handmade chocolates Sydney wide sales are stronger than ever.


Davies Chocolates use of only young stem ginger ensures a maximum refreshing flavor. Enjoy the delicious and contrasting taste of ginger and Davies’ dark chocolate can be enjoyed with a  mouth-watering delicacy.


The taste buds of people all over Australia can be relished with centers of ginger coated with Davies signature dark chocolate.


Ginger chocolates that have been made in the form of candy are one of the great pleasures in life, offering a delicious, sweet flavor that is crisp and refreshing. Great care is taken by us in selecting only the finest ingredients to use in our sweets, including the young stem ginger in these morsels. At the top of it, to make these treats even more incredible, we add a coating of rich dark chocolate for a unique contrast.


Chocolate gifts could be for, chocolates for friends, family, and corporate clients.  Chocolates that melt in your mouth, dark chocolates, milk chocolates, flavor-filled with varieties like coffee cream, salted caramel, raspberry, mint, ginger and more.


The chocolates of Davies that are handcrafted are free of gluten and palm oil. You can order them online for speedy delivery to offices and homes throughout Australia!


The more chocolates you eat, the more you like it. The delicious handmade chocolates melt in your mouth.


Chocolate has been ready as a drink for nearly all of its history. The Maya grew cacao trees in their backyards and used the flowering tree seeds the trees created to form a frothy, bitter drink.


By the fifteenth century, the Aztecs gained the management of an outsized part of the geographical area and adopted a flowering tree into their culture.

They associated chocolate with deity.


The chocolates are a perfect treat to gift to a loved one of yours. If you really love someone their hearts are warmed by the gift of chocolates. Chocolates have that fudgy taste that everyone relishes them. If there were no chocolates to eat perhaps a lot of kids would go crazy. Chocolates are fun to eat for young teen girls also.  They are at times compared to chocolates. At times even some good looking guys are compared to chocolates as they are told that they have chocolate boy looks. The story ends here.

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